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MeQHYA NYATT Rules (March 2017)

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MeQHYA's Mission Statement

To promote the Future of the Quarter Horse Industry by developing today's Youth through Education, Encouragement and Fun. Click here for MeQHYA By-laws (updated January 2017)

2017 MeQHYA Officers

President: Madigan Saunders Advisor: Theresa Pinkham
Vice President: Kylie Munsey
Secretary: Maryah Cugno Co: Stephenie Pinkham
Treasurer: Hannah Clemons
Recorder: Maggie Pinkham

2017 MeQHYA Officer Bios

Office: President     Name: Madigan Saunders


Nickname: Maddy   Age: 14

Home Town: Harpswell

School:  MTA

Horse's name: (UZI) Hoo ya Lukin at     Horses age: 4

Favorite Class(es): HUS

How long have you been ridding: 8 years

MEQHA member: 3 years

Parents: Jim and Michelle Saunders

Favorite Horse memory: Congress in 2016 equitation and HUS top 15



Office: Vice President    Name: Kylie Munsey


Nickname: Ky      Age:15

Hometown: Harpswell

School:  MTA

Horse's name: Noah   Horses Age: 10

Favorite Class(es) to show in: HUS

How long have you ridden: 6 years

MEQHYA Member : 3 years

Parents: Carrie and Jon Munsey

Favorite horse memory: Winning the AQHA Novice championships



Office: Treasurer   Name: Hannah Clemons


Nickname:      Age:15

Hometown: Harpswell

School: MTA

Horse's name: Andy   Horses Age: 11

Favorite Class(es) to show in: HUS and Showmanship

How long have you ridden: 8 years

MEQHYA Member : 4 years

Parents: Wayne and Sarah Clemons

Favorite horse memory: Riding on the beach for the first time



Office: Secretary   Name: Maryah Cugno


Nickname: Ry   Age:18

Hometown: Bowdoin

School: Graduated

Horses' name: Sadie and Lenox    Horses Age: 11 & 3

Favorite Class(es) to show in: Trail, Horsemanship and Hunt Seat Eq

How long have you ridden: My whole life

MEQHYA Member: 10 years

Parents: Aleta Joy and Glenn Cugno

Favorite horse memory: Becoming Reserve Congress Champions in Hunt Seat Eq on my mare that I've been through it all with.



Office: Recorder   Name: Margaret Pinkham


Nickname: Maggie   Age:12

Hometown: Georgetown

School: Bath Middle School

Horses's name: Zips Millenium (Milo)   Horses Age: 7

Favorite Class(es) to show in: HUS and showmanship

How long have you ridden: 7years

MEQHYA Member : 2 years

Parents: Theresa and Jamie Pinkham

Favorite horse memory: When I got Milo.


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Do you have a teen leader in a positive youth development organization such as 4-H, FFA, YMCA, Boys or Girls Club, or Scouting? Have them use these teaching guides in afterschool programs to earn leadership credits. We even have log forms to make your teen leader's job easier! These forms come in handy when completing college applications as well.